On one hand, Craig Callaway says that the messenger absentee ballots must be opened now ... voters are being disenfranchised!
Never mind that dozens of certifications presently exist challenging the validity of many of these  messenger absentee ballots.
Now, on Craig Callaway's other hand ... He is guiding a (relentless) City/taxpayer funded effort to deny thousands of Atlantic City voters their right to vote.
Our analysis is a simple one. Callaway either believes of knows that most all of the approximately 900 messenger absentee ballots are for his 3 hand-selected School Board candidates. (How does he know how 900 people voted before their votes are opened?) More on this in a future commentary, as Craig Callaway bragged openly at Gary's Restaurant last week that he knew how these voters had cast their vote!
The only person who should know how they voted ... is the voter, him or her self! 
Now, regarding the more than 1526 citizen voters who have signed a petition to stop Callaway from giving exorbitant raises for himself, family members and other very close friends and other associates. Callaway & Levy have already authorized the spending of thousands of taxpayer dollars to attempt to thwart every attempt of the citizens to stop these undeserved pay increases.
So, in the final analysis ... Can Callaway really be believed when he says that he wants voters to be able to vote, and have their votes counted? That he doesn't want voters to be disenfranchised?
Or, would it be more reasonable to conclude that Callaway only wants those votes he perceives as favorable to him to be counted?
A fair examination of the facts easily answers this basic question.
Further more, Craig Callaway's blatant actions answers this question well beyond a reasonable doubt.
So, the next time you hear Craig Callaway spew this bogus line about voters having their votes counted ... please remember this truthful analysis of the reality behind the pathology of Craig Callaway and how his warped political mind really works.
Also, we sure do hope that the "dangerous" epidemic that occurred in Atlantic City this past Tuesday on School Board Election Day (as 900 voters were ill/confined) has now been eradicated! 
Also, if 900 people were ill and confined on Election Day, why wasn't a health emergency crisis declared? 

      April 24, 2006         HarryHurley.com