Bob Levy:  The State of Confusion?  A Mulligan or Groundhog Day, Again?
                 By DON P. HURLEY
             Managing Editor
             January 29, 2007
Entry: mul·li·gan
Pronunciation: 'm&-li-g&n
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from the name Mulligan:
 a free shot sometimes given a golfer in informal play when the previous shot was poorly played.
Also used in real-life situations, such as one with cold feet or loss of virtue, who desires a second opportunity, when the first has been a complete disaster. 
It looks like Bob Levy is trying for a Mulligan. Better known as a free shot, when you mess the first one up so badly, that you can't even play from where you've landed yourself in so much trouble.
So now, according to Bob Levy, it's time to pretend that the year 2006, and the laundry list of Levy Scandals never happened.
According to Bob Levy, it's time to merely forget and move on with all of the good news, as you see Bob Levy utilized the so-called State of the City Address today in order to focus on "just the positive news of the previous year" and all of his plans for the future.
No where in the State of the City Address did Levy mention that he lied, and to this day, has never truly apologized for claiming to be a real live Green Beret in the Vietnam War, in order to be elected Mayor of Atlantic City.
No public official in the history of the United States has ever survived as serious a military scandal. I submit that Bob Levy will not survive his disqualifying scandals either.
For Bob Levy, however, he thinks all he needs to do is call for another Mulligan, and all will be ok for him, as he has grown accustomed to, in his Walter Mitty fantasy life. 
No where in his address did Bob Levy apologize for intentionally and racially dividing the city of Atlantic City, by lying and claiming that he was "kicked out of Atlantic City High School for dating an African-American girlfriend".
No where in his address did Levy apologize for being the useful idiot of convicted felon Craig Callaway. Levy continues, to this day, to keep Callaway's friends and family members on the city payroll in the highest levels of government to wreak havoc.
No where in this address did Bob Levy apologize for vacating city hall and his position of Mayor for more than 2 weeks recently, without notifying members of City Council and the public.
Levy was caught by my brother, Harry, and to this day, Levy has not explained his Houdini-like disappearing act, which occurred in between Levy's reported threats to murder my brother and probably myself, too and Levy's sudden return to work.
No where in the State of the City Address did Bob Levy apologize for falling asleep on national TV at the dais of the League of Municipalities Convention, before he greeted  in slurred speech, a welcome to all elected leaders from around the state "to THE Atlantic City".
No where today, did Bob Levy apologize for "Big-Pimpin'" on MTV Music Television, where he created a national embarrassment for Atlantic City, in a state of what many believe to be some sort of intoxication. (Please refer to Bob Levy Big Pimpin' video, located on to see for yourself).
No where did Bob Levy apologize for commenting to The NY Times Newspaper, that "I aint' got nothin' to say about nothin'" when they were merely calling Levy to receive a comment on the murders of four young woman in or around Atlantic City, who may have lost their lives at the hand of a serial killer.
It is believed by many that Levy felt the NY Times was more interested with Levy's wearing of a Phony Green Beret, than in the fatal crimes, which have now been sadly relegated to back pages of local newspapers and also late mentions in local TV News Broadcasts, (tonight for example on TV-40). 
Bob Levy made it clear to the NY Times and everyone else, "that his weekend off" was more important than something as mundane as the loss of human life.
No where did Bob Levy apologize for settling his own law suit against the city of Atlantic City for more than $200,000, because Levy says he was not reappointed as Emergency Management Director by Mayor Langford, as was Levy's birthright.
This is in spite of the fact that Bob Levy assisted Craig Callaway in sticking Tom Foley with a one dollar per year salary for the same job that Levy made in excess of $55,000 per year.
Levy also justified not reappointing Foley to his position as Emergency Management Director, by Levy declaring:  "I'm the Mayor and I can do whatever I want"!
Yet, Levy sued the city and settled his own law suit because he was not reappointed by Langford. Is the picture of Bob Levy becoming clearer now?
Bob Levy delivered the State of the City Address today before the gathering of a paying audience at the Metropolitan Business and Civic Association in Atlantic City for a fee of $30.00 per ticket.
This is contrary to all prevailing practices of previous Mayors of delivering this address to the citizens of Atlantic City, for free, and in City Hall at the first meeting of City Council of the new year.
Does anyone imagine that there is any other city, state or group anywhere else in the country, that has delivered their similar address on January 29, 2007, as Bob Levy did today?
The only thing that I contend that Bob Levy is qualified to deliver a state of, would be the state of Bob Levy's many vacations this year, as that is all that Levy was known for the entire year. 
Levy was armed with 6 members of Atlantic City Council in attendance, a speech written for him by someone else that he couldn't even read, as well as a power point presentation that Levy, himself, never looked at even once.
Bob Levy never apologized for not being able to pick up the snow from the streets of Atlantic City during the recent minor snow storm last week. Neither Levy nor Public Works Director, David Callaway, could get the job done.
I'm left to wonder why David Callaway did not use the same tactics he utilized to call city workers for overtime pay to remove all of 3rd Ward City Council candidate, Warren Massey's, campaign signs from private property?
Had Callaway utilized these effective tactics in the interest of public safety, as he did for he and Levy's political interests, than perhaps the snow could have been as easily removed as Massey's campaign signs were.
And, no where in Bob Levy's State of the City Address did Levy apologize for presiding over the city that experienced more violence and murder than at any time in the history of Atlantic City.
With all of the excitement in Atlantic City during the year 2006, Bob Levy said he chose "to focus on the positive", such as the saving of "Millions of dollars in legal expenses". I suppose this is why Levy settled his own lawsuit, order to save the citizens more money that they would have to pay him.
These "Levy savings" of course do not factor in the countless millions of dollars in law suits that the city is sure to pay out, as result of Bob Levy and Craig Callaway's malicious conduct toward employees and innocent citizens during the past several years.
It's interesting to note that Bob Levy barely got his State of the City Address on the record before Groundhog Day, which is this Friday by the way. It is widely believed that many of Levy's handlers were worried about Levy seeing his own shadow on February 2nd, so it was important to have this significant speech delivered on January 29th. 
I suppose the really good news in Bob Levy's State of the City Address today, is that Levy promised that 2007 "is going to be an even better year than 2006"!
It should be truly known that the only real positive news in 2006, was the citizens of Atlantic City announcing their intentions to Recall Bob Levy as Mayor in 2007.
That's some real news worth reporting!
Don P. Hurley