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It’s “Party” Time for the Schundler Campaign

Statewide Radio Campaign Begins Today


(Mountainside, NJ) – The Schundler for Governor media campaign starts today with the launch of a 60 second radio spot.


“I have spent the last four years listening to New Jerseyans and they have been clear that they want a leader who will provide real and immediate relief from exorbitant property taxes,” stated Schundler.  “Our first commercial is a call to arms to those who want to join my campaign for Governor and the property tax revolution we are spearheading.”



“Party Animal”

: 60 Radio

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This is a special message for anyone that couldn’t attend the Boston Tea Party. Now, it’s your turn to make history by joining a revolution that’s spreading all across New Jersey – a property tax revolution.                       


Led by none other than Bret Schundler. The same Bret Schundler who in Jersey City led a citizen’s movement for lower property taxes and defeated powerful and corrupt political bosses to become the city’s first Republican mayor in almost a century. TIME Magazine called it a “national model for urban reform.”


Now Bret Schundler is leading the fight to dramatically and permanently lower property taxes all throughout New Jersey. His plan will slow the growth of state government and stop reckless spending. Best of all, your local schools will finally get the fair share of state funding they need to lower your property taxes.


Join the revolution by logging onto


Bret Schundler. Taking the power of the people, and turning it on.




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re form (rĭ –fôrm)
n. 1 A change for the better as a
result of correcting abuses. 2. A campaign
aimed to correct abuses or malpractices.

  February 4, 2005