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DATE: February 15, 2005






GREAT investigative reporting on the Camden County Issue and Levinson.  If not for Denny Levinson and the local Republican Leadership questioning the misappropriation of CRDA funds for the Camden Skating Rink that money would have left town without question. 


As former Democrat Chair for The City of Atlantic City I have seen first hand how the State Democrats view Atlantic City and Atlantic County: “Deep Pockets of Casino Revenue”.  Obviously these professional politicians believe they can walk into the CRDA and take what they want with little to no consideration as to the impact on local residents and small business.  Some local Dems are aware of how the State party takes and does not give back to the community here in Atlantic City and the County overall. Look at the damage the McGreevy administration did. 


It is almost laughable to see the local D’s are jumping to get involved in Corzines campaign to feed off of his wealth and ride his coat tails.  Where were these individuals over the last several years during the heavy lifting?  Seeing Carney and McKnight jump to the Democrat Party only adds to the humor in an election year.  These are self serving maneuvers and have nothing to do with public service.  Have any of these individuals spoken as to their policy agenda for service?  No, only how party politics kept them from their individual agenda, i.e. glass ceiling etc…


Partisan Politics and Politics in general are only a means to gain positioning to effectuate policy for governing public service.  The end result is public service not “politics for politics sake”.  The State Democrat Party unfortunately fails to understand that fundamental concept.  This problem is compounded when the local Democrat Leadership feeds into this flawed ideology.   During my tenure as Chairman The State Democratic Leadership would come into town for the convention and do little to nothing to work with the local organizations.  Jim McGreevy and company would set the agenda and ask us to follow them blindly as to their plans for our City and our County.  There were no questions like “how can we help you and your children make your City a better place?”. Why because they did not care!!  Just because McGreevy is not in office it is still the same party and the same flawed leadership.


This why I switched to the Republican Party last year, not to run for an office but because the State Democrats have FAILED the resident’s and business in Atlantic City and Atlantic County.


 I am grateful to have Dennis Levinson speaking out on this issue and having a State Senator like Bill Gormley working with our local legislators to move Atlantic City and Atlantic County forward.  If not for that leadership we would indeed be in dire straits.


This upcoming election cycle will be the most important in twenty five years and we must lobby to protect our assets here in Atlantic County.  As a result we must ALL support our local Republican Leadership in moving our City and our County in the “right” direction.  Keep up the great work Harry.   

  February 15, 2005