Perverting the Law?
By Don P. Hurley
Contributing Editor
February 19, 2006

Law and Justice are the same thing, as it is the very purpose of the law to preserve justice.
The Law is the Law. Except and unless you are speaking about Deadwood, Atlantic City with Craig Callaway, Rosemary Adams, Bob Levy and now the Atlantic County Clerk, Michael Garvin, too.
For purposes of background, Deadwood is a real-life town in South Dakota of the 1800's, wherein a town was established by politically criminal purposes.
The town was run in the form of a puppet government, consisting of a useful idiot-Mayor, who is the only person in town who really believes that he is actually running things.
Behind the scenes of Deadwood is a maniacally, sadistic political/criminal thug, who exercises all power behind the throne of the clueless, idiot-Mayor.
The only thing missing in the comparison of Deadwood and Atlantic City, would be the honest corruption-busting Sheriff. We still need one of those.
No matter what an individual or individuals collective preferences of the meaning and intent of the law might be, you can not make the law be something it is not, just to suit your own personal agenda.
The law is in place to preserve and protect individual rights and liberties. However, the public officials in Atlantic City and now in Atlantic County, are perverting the law in an effort to achieve an end for their own political desires.
The people of Atlantic City have submitted a valid Petition in protest of an arrogant and greedy attempt by Craig Callaway and Bob Levy to reward themselves and their political cronies, friends and family members with outrageous increases in salaries, ranging from 26% to 100 % per year.
So now, the citizens have organized to use their force, their will, to preserve the justice of law. And, what result has befallen them? Atlantic City Public Officials have attempted to pervert the law into what they would like it to be, and not what it really intends to be, by denying them justice.
I have worked with Rosemary Adams for more than two decades. She knows the real law. She was involved with the Petition effort that was led by my PBA, and Champ Hoffman, Jim Thomas, and yes....even Craig Callaway, himself as a circulator of my Petition in 1997.
Back in 1997, we were required to submit approximately 1500 signatures for our Petition to save the Chief of Police in Atlantic City. This number  represented 15% of the voters who had voted in the previous election, where members of the General Assembly were elected, and not any convoluted formula which assigned 10 individual votes to every person who had voted only once.
Rosemary Adams was well- involved with this Petition effort and others through the years, and is fully aware of the real requirements of the law. However, in the case of the petitioners of 2006, Rosemary Adams, with help from Atlantic City Lawyers, and now County Clerk Michael Garvin, have collectively  defined what brilliant Attorney Fred Bor has declared to be "The Adams-Garvin Doctrine".
County Clerk Michael Garvin has gone as far as to disagree with himself now, and what he clearly represented as the real law just last Friday. Shame on you Michael!
The Adams-Garvin Doctrine would require more signatures on a valid Petition than people who voted in the elections involved, and would also require more signatures in some towns in Atlantic County, than there are even citizens of those towns.
Therefore, the Adams-Garvin Doctrine is both a foolish and illogical interpretation of any law on the books of the State of New Jersey or in the entire United States.
What Adams, Garvin, city lawyers and other public officials have done in Atlantic City should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They should face the harshest action for their misconduct and whatever other actions may apply to this reckless and unethical conduct, in their effort to pervert the law for their own selfish purposes.
Some of the perpetrators of this atrocity against the law and the people, will have to soon face the scrutiny of the voters in election. I am happy about this, as this foolish stunt will long be remembered as a true defining moment in illustrating the character of these elected officials.
As for the appointed public officials involved, it is my hope that they will also soon experience the full extent of the real laws of this state and country.
These are true laws, which will not require the need for perversion, in order to bring these political scoundrels to justice.
Please remember... Law and Justice are the same thing. It's time for the public officials in Deadwood Atlantic City to be reminded of this simple truth. I believe that a Superior Court Judge in Atlantic County, will make this clear to them this week.
Don P. Hurley