Hi Folks,

We have been busy here at Schundler headquarters laying the foundation for another grassroots victory in the upcoming Gubernatorial Primary on June 7.

I want to thank all of you for the tremendous response that you gave to my email request back in November to help us furnish our headquarters. In fact so many of you responded that we completely furnished the office and still had many folks with desks etc. that we were unable to use. We would love for you to visit us here and see your furnishings being put to good use. Stop by for a cup of coffee and volunteer with other Schundler supporters.

I would also like to welcome the many newcomers to my email list. You will now be a part of the same email network that thousands of others have been a part of for the past four years. Feel free to pass my emails to others who also would like to be a part of the grassroots support for Bret Schundler. I would also like to encourage you to view our web site on a regular basis to keep informed about the daily happenings on the campaign. Our web site is

With so many candidates in the race for the Republican nomination for Governor there is one thing that always stands out. The one Stand Out asset that our campaign has over all of the others is our candidate. No other Republican candidate can match Bret Schundler with the same ability to find solutions to our State's biggest problems. No other candidate has the vision or ability to develop a plan to finally and permanently solve the property tax crisis. No other candidate has the character and leadership to cleanup the mess in Trenton.

You know it is the grassroots support from rank and file Republicans like yourself that will carry Bret to victory in June. That is why I will continue to reach out to rank and file folks like you when I have specific requests to help the Schundler Campaign.

I do have several requests to make at this time. I would like to update my list of volunteers who will write letters to the editor. I want to identify people who would like to write letters to both local and daily newspapers. Let me know if you are willing to be part of our letter writing team and I will send you the necessary information.

Also, I would like to add to our team of drivers. Presently we have a great crew of people that volunteer their time to drive Bret around the state to each of his meetings and events. Off duty police or retired officers are especially encouraged to volunteer for this task, however, non-police officers are just as suitable.

Although we always have tasks at headquarters for volunteers, I would like to build a team of volunteers to staff our reception desk. We would like to train permanent volunteers for this task. If you have one or two days a month that you can give us we would appreciate it very much.

I have one final request. The campaign could use about 8 more good computers. We need computers that would be the equivalent to a Pentium III, 800Mhz or better. Many folks have purchased newer computers and have moved their older computer to the closet or basement. The campaign could make good use of the computer that is collecting dust and we would be happy to return your computer at the conclusion of the campaign in November.

That's it for now. If you haven't been to our web site to volunteer, please do so now. Our volunteer coordinator Rick Rosenberg will get you set up to be able to volunteer from home using our TEAM VOLUNTEER system.


Sal Risalvato
Schundler for Governor
187 Mill Lane Mountainside, NJ
cell 201-745-1914

  February 22, 2005