Craig Callaway
"Ever since I was sworn in as Mayor, I have been attacked, harrassed, maligned, lied on and even spat upon. Every year Craig (Callaway) and his team have circulated a scurilous flyer defaming me, my family, members of my staff and cabinet. He even stooped so low that he paraded a woman before the Board of Education and City Council. After she said in the presence of my wife and kids she was glad that my daughter died.
And so now that I am fighting back and forcing him to confront his contradictions, he's crying foul. But he didn't think it was foul when he was following Mayor Whelan around with a bull horn, calling him a child molester.
But none of this is the real point.
The Country just elected our President. And although the war in Iraq, terrorism, the economy and Social Security were vitally important issues, the main issue that determined the election for most Americans was VALUES. We here in Atlantic City are no different from the rest of the American people.
Family values matter.
You can't show up at different events with two different women and introduce each of them as your wife and expect to get a passs. You can't list your address as 500 Wabash Avenue in the First Ward, say that you live at the Irish Pub Hotel in the Third Ward, and spend your nights at 888B Maryland Avenue in the Second Ward with your other wife."
Atlantic City Mayor
Lorenzo Langford
EDITOR'S NOTE: Craig Callaway is also known as Farooq Salaam 

  February 24, 2005