The Press Watch  "Levy's First Lie"    
Contributing Editor
April 23, 2005

Levy says he wasn't kicked out of school

By DEREK HARPER Staff Writer, (609) 272-7203

1.  ATLANTIC CITY - In television ads, Atlantic City mayoral candidate Bob Levy sits next to his wife, Hazel, who turns to the camera and says, "Bob was actually kicked out of Atlantic City High School for dating me."

DPH:  [Levy is seen in this TV Ad nodding in agreement when this now proven falsehood of Bob Levy being "kicked out of school" for dating an African-American woman is propagated.]
2.  That is not entirely true, Levy said. He dropped out rather than risk expulsion.
DPH:  [If this is not true, then why did Levy produce and appear in the TV ad, agreeing with this false statement to begin with?]

3.  Levy, who is white, said, in spring 1964, "I was called in to the principal's office, and I was told that I had to stop seeing" his future wife, who is black.
DPH:  [Is there anyone else living, who can corroborate that this so-called meeting ever took place? And, since Levy's first campaign statement has now been proven to be a lie, why should anyone believe him now that a dead Principal, who can not defend himself, ever pressured Levy in this way in the first place? And, it is important to note that there is no history to support Principal William Faunce ever having these racially motivated tendancies at all]

4.  They had been dating, Levy said, and that offended some in the school.
DPH:  [Levy was not the only person involved in a multi-racial relationship in this period in history. Why is he the only making these outrageous charges now in a campaign for Mayor of Atlantic City? Mayor James Usry, an educator and administrator and contemporary of Faunce in the AC School system and (the 1st African Mayor in AC history), did not hold Levy back in his career, as he promoted Levy to Chief of the Beach Patrol in 1991 above many others ahead of him. Everyone knows by now how Levy repaid Usry, (by stabbing him in the back on the 1st chance)]

5.  The principal at the time was William A. Faunce, who retired in 1988 and died in 1991.
DPH:  [And, now for selfish political purposes, Levy is smearing a professional educator and administrators legacy? My question for Bob Levy at this point, Have you no shame?
I would ask Levy, again, is there anyone else alive who can support this outrageous claim, or only the dead guy who can't refute your now convenient campaign charge, intended to extricate yourself from the mess that you created?]

6.  "I was told it had to end or I would never graduate from high school," Levy said.
DPH: [Can anyone recall Bob Levy ever mentioning that he was "kicked out of Atlantic City High School" before this political campaign for Mayor of Atlantic City? (As I can't)]

7.  Levy decided to drop out of school rather than be forced out. He then enlisted in the Army. His future wife graduated in 1965.
DPH:  [What were the real factors relating to Bob Levy in ACHS, i.e. his grade performances, behavior, etc at the time? Could he have been possibly failing out of High School and merely quit on his own, before he would be expelled for some legitimate reason? Did Bob Levy enroll in School anywhere else? What is the extent of Bob Levy's education? Did he graduate High School at all? And if he was truly kicked out of ACHS for biased and racial reasons, (which has now been proven to be a lie), why didn't he state where he did graduate from in the south. And lastly, does anyone truly believe that the south of the 1960's would have been "more tolerant" of a multi-racial relationship than the north in Atlantic City, NJ?]

8.  "I was in love," Levy said this week. "There was no way I was not going to continue to see my girlfriend. I was forced into the corner over there. What do you do? ... But it turned out very, very good."
DPH:  [Since there were other well-known bi-racial couples (that I know personally) who did graduate from ACHS in this very same era, how can Levy explain that he is the only one who was singled out for this treatment by the deceased Principal?]

9.  The Levys have been married for 41 years.
DPH:  [Congratulations! And ,this marriage has produced two very beautiful children, as well.]

10. When he enlisted, he was sent to Fort Dix, where he underwent basic training and advanced infantry training. They were married, and Levy was then sent to jump school at Fort Benning, in Georgia.
DPH:  [I salute Bob Levy's proud military service. He is a Green Beret, who served 2 tours in Vietnam, which is no small feat! ]
[However, he is not the man to serve Atlantic City as Mayor at this important time in our areas history.  I think his arrogant misuse of public resources, and desperate injection of race into this campaign disqualify him from consideration. ]
DPH:  I should note that whomever at The Press created the headline for Harper-Peele's story, (it's never the writer themeselves), got it right:  Levy Was Not Ever Kicked Out of ACHS. Harper-Peele's story attempts to confuse rather than inform, but the headline got it just right. 
[In closing I would say to The Press Reporter Derek Harper-Peele, shame on you for not asking any of these pertinent questions yourself. Your transparent effort to run cover for Bob Levy's floundering campaign for Mayor of Atlantic City is insulting to the readers of your newspaper.
[In spite of your questionable journalistic integrity, the people of Atlantic City are seeing through this charade and getting to the truth without a true print watchdog for the public. Proving once again, "That when The Press abandons itself to falsehood, it is truly impotent"]. (Thomas Jefferson).
I would add that campaigns, such as Bob Levy's, that abandon themselves to falsehood, are also impotent.


(APRIL 15, 2005)

      April 23, 2005