Heroes & Villains? A Tale of  Fiction?     
Contributing Editor
May 1, 2005
If Derek Harper-Peele of The Press of Atlantic City was reporting on Little Red Riding Hood, she would have been the "Big Bad Girl", while the Big Bad Wolf would have been the hero of the story.
If Derek Harper Peele was reporting on the Iraq war, George W. Bush would be the bad guy, and Sadaam Hussein would be just a pathetic old man sitting in a jail cell.
If Derek Harper-Peele was reporting on... Humpty Dumpty...he would have reported that Humpty did not have a great fall...he would say that he was pushed off of that wall by Mayor Lorenzo Langford from Atlantic City!
If Derek Harper-Peele was reporting on Batman and The Riddler, then he would report on Batman being a bad guy for going after the Riddler, after all he's only skirting a few laws. (Has anyone observed Levy's actions lately, by the way...Riddler fits here).
If Derek Harper- Peele were to report on James Bond, Dr. No would be an upstanding citizen, and 007 Bond would be a corrupt government agent, who should lose his job.
If Derek Harper-Peele was to write about Star Wars, Luke Skywalker would be the one influenced by the "Dark Side" of the Force. Darth Vader, of course, would be Harper-Peele's Knight in shining armor.
If Derek Harper-Peele reported on Superman, then Lex Luthor would be a brilliant, misunderstood scientist, while Superman would be an overbearing oger trying to get in the way of progress in the world.
If Derek Harper-Peele wrote about Hanibal Lecter, he would just be a very bright Doctor with eccentric eating habits.
If Derek Harper-Peele were to report on the State of affairs between the Star Trek Federation and the Klingon Empire, he would vilify Captain Kirk as a renegade who was a threat to peace in the galaxy.   
So.....when Derek Harper- Peele of the Press of Atlantic City reports for the next several weeks on Mayor Lorenzo Langford as being the villain and Bob Levy, (insert Craig Callaway for real),as the hero in this campaign for Mayor of Atlantic City, than you know exactly where he is coming from now.
I thought this story was as real as any of the fiction that Derek Harper-Peele has written for The Press of Atlantic City. Hope you have enjoyed it!

     May 1, 2005         HarryHurley.com