Who's really the "Expert Politician"?
Contributing Editor
May 4, 2005
In a debate before the Venice Park Civic Association last night in Atlantic City, Bob Levy, the fledgling candidate for Mayor called Mayor Lorenzo Langford an "Expert Politician".
Now, my definition of politician, is the person who tries to make others believe that he is something he is not.
In Levy's short campaign for Mayor thus far, he has misused public employees, equipment and property for his own personal gain. Levy has attempted to reinforce a false impression that has always been tough on crime, interested in Community Policing, and supportive of the public safety unions and their real concerns. This is all false!
Levy has even resorted to conjuring up and misusing the memories of deceased individuals, such as ACHS Principal William Faunce to buttress his falsehood that Levy was "kicked out of ACHS" in the 1960's for inter-racial dating.
Levy has persisted in using images of the late Mayor James Usry, against the wishes of the Usry family, who know Levy's true relationship of betrayal against the deceased Mayor by Levy.
And, now most recently, Levy has stooped to new lows in misusing the tragic death of a young Atlantic City star athlete, Jamar Reynolds, (who was murdered in a drive-by shooting on Rt. 30 in the early morning hours), in his latest exploitative television ad.
This occurred in June of 2003, but Levy would have you tie this into the recent rash of youth violence. This is especially egregious, to the reality that Levy has no relationship of support or involvement to this young man at all, while Mayor Langford did have a real impact on this deceased man's life. (Bob Levy, have you no shame at all!)
Bob Levy has no history or record of supporting youth programs or initiatives designed to keep young people off of the streets and in pursuit of useful endeavors. In fact, he supported his good friend ,Jim Whelan, in slashing support to the Police Athletic League and other programs that truly were keeping the Atlantic City youth from trouble.
Now Levy can be seen talking about keeping kids in school, (although he now admits he quit himself and wasn't "kicked out"). Levy can now be seen in playgrounds with his arm around young African-American children feigning support for youth activities.
When has anyone seen Bob Levy present at any sports, community or Civic event, before his cheesy campaign for Mayor of Atlantic City? The truth is never....because he never has been a participant in any of them.
Mayor Lorenzo Langford was right last night when he informed the citizens of the Venice Park Civic Association that "there is a stranger among us".
I am quite sure that they already knew this, in view of the fact that, although Levy has been a resident of Venice Park for 30 years, he only joined the Venice Park Civic Association group last week! This could be described as the play of an "expert politician", you might say.
To the contrary, Mayor Langford, who Levy attempted to label the "Expert Politician", is exactly the opposite. What you see is what you get with Mayor Langford. He simply is, who he conducts himself to be, (to the consternation of the career political network of our area).
Mayor Langford has a full life in support of the development of young people in Atlantic City. He has always been active in civic, community and youth groups as a member and volunteer.
Mayor Langford's annual educational trips to Washington, DC and his life-long work with the Atlantic City Police Athletic League have made a real difference in the youth of Atlantic City. What record does Bob Levy have?
To the contrary, Bob Levy offered no opportunities in 2003 (and probably before), to the youth of Atlantic City when he advised the city fathers and mothers that their was "just too much interest from Veteran Lifeguards from outside of Atlantic City", to give young people an opportunity in the AC Beach Patrol. Bob Levy would never have had a chance if business was done like this in his time of interest.
Remember, if the definition of a politician is attempting to make others believe you are who you are not. Than Bob Levy is practicing the age-old  political ruse upon the people of Atlantic City as we speak.
The problem for Levy at this juncture, (as Mayor Langford aptly put it), the people of Atlantic City know a stranger when they see one.
So, in the end, you have Mayor Langford, the true career public servant, and now Bob Levy who has truly revealed himself as the "Career Politician". That's what politicians try to do...they try to fool people And, Bob Levy's not fooling anybody in Atlantic City, they know who he is. 


     May 4, 2005         HarryHurley.com