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A LIAR ...
On May 2, 2005, I learned and confirmed that The New Jersey Office of Government Integrity had referred a complaint to Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeff Blitz regarding Atlantic City Mayoral candidate Bob Levy ...
Local 54 President Bob McDevitt was with me, when Ellen Cohill from the New Jersey Office of Government Integrity called me and confirmed this fact ... Bob is a direct witness to the phone call I received ...
As a professional courtesy, I held this breaking news until the afternoon of May 3, 2005, ...
The writer who accused me of not getting this Levy complaint referral to Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeff Blitz correct ... Is the one who couldn't have gotten it more wrong. This person had so many facts wrong, I don't even know where to begin ... For reasons unknown to me ... The writer resorted to try and discredit my hard-earned work ... The writer stated for publication that "it may end up on the desk of the county prosecutor as due course in these matters" ... As we confirmed earlier, the NJ Office of Government Integrity specifically referred it to Blitz ... not that it "may wind up there" as this writer said ... The NJ OGI review "determined that your (Blitz) office has jurisdiction over this matter." This clearly demonstrates that should the citizen complaint be proven to be true ... It is a criminal matter ... Just as we confirmed this past May 3, 2005.   
The writer who falsely attacked my work stated that that they contacted the NJ OGI and that the NJ OGI confirmed that they "declined to follow-up on the citizen complaint" ... This is not true and I will provide you with the written proof of this fact in just a little bit ...
This writer then contended that they contacted Jeff Blitz and Blitz is quoted as saying he wouldn't comment, although that's exactly what Blitz  did do ... Blitz said he didn't know anything about an NJ OGI referral regarding Bob Levy ... His exact quote according to this writer was "Nothing has been referred here and if something is referred here we would decline comment," said Blitz. So, Blitz is willing to say that nothing has been referred to him ... yet, I have physical proof that he has a direct referral from the OGI ... We only point this out, because Blitz, who says he doesn't comment ... in fact did comment that he doesn't (know of or) have a referral ... making it look like we misrepresented this issue, when we didn't!
Blitz' letter from the NJ OGI, dated May 3, 2005, (of which I have a copy) says otherwise ... Blitz has been sent a direct referral, exactly as I stated he did in my May 3, 2005, breaking news report ...
Here is a copy of the letter from the New Jersey Office of Government Integrity, proving that my May 3, 2005, breaking news report was SPOT-ON accurate as follows:
State of New Jersey
Office of the Attorney General
Department of Law And Public Safety
May 2, 2005
            Re:        Robert Levy
Dear Mr. Hollingsworth:
        Your letter dated April 25, 2005 has been referred to me for response. Please be advised your allegations concerning misuse of a public position for personal gains by the Director of Emergency Services and Chief of the Atlantic City Beach Patrol, Robert Levy has been referred to Jeffrey Blitz, Atlantic County Prosecutor for his review.
        If I can be of any further assistance, you can reach me at 609-XXX-XXXX.
                                                                        Ellen Cohill, Intake
                                                                        Office of Government Integrity
There is no question that the New Jersey Office of Government Integrity referred this matter to Jeffrey Blitz ... Just as we said all along ... We are surprised and disappointed that a local writer went out of their way to take a cheap shot at me ... Especially considering how spot-on accurate our story is ... versus how recklessly inaccurate their story was in response.
This all could have been avoided if this writer had taken just one minute to call me ... I would have sourced my confirmed and accurate news ... None of this would have happened ...
It is outrageous for this writer to report unambiguously that no such complaint exists. This is a blatantly false statement ... which this writer has an obligation to correct. This complaint does exist and we have the written proof.
Another false statement by the writer was confirming that the NJ OGI "declined to follow-up on the citizen's complaint." After reviewing the complaint, The NJ OGI determined that Jeff Blitz has jurisdiction over this matter ! This is far from "declining to follow-up." By determing that Blitz has jurisdiction ... the NJ OGI did take action! 
I am setting the record straight ... Because I simply refuse to have my hard-earned work trashed by someone who didn't have knowledge of any of the facts involving my breaking news report ... They couldn't have or they wouldn't have gotten this so wrong ...
The truth is ... We were so far ahead of everyone else on this story that this writer simply couldn't keep up with our speed and accuracy!  
We believe that a public apology is in order. 
We are making true copies of the NJ Office of Government Integrity letters (sent to Pierre Hollingsworth and to Jeff Blitz) available for this writer to correct the false written record about our work.  
This writer didn't leave my name out of their work ... However, we have decided to not report this person's identity ... In hopes that they will simply come clean and correct their false written record.
A good writer has an obligation to do so when they have been presented with physical evidence which proves that what they had written earlier was inaccurate ...
I want to believe that this writer simply erred ... That they didn't have the evidence that we had and those who they had contacted didn't yet have the complaint ... This is an easy fix for the person who smeared my work.
Let's see what this writer does? A good writer will simply apologize and move on ... A bad writer will seize the opportunity to take another cheap shot at me ... Let's see which occurs!  

     May 5, 2005         HarryHurley.com