Did You Know That Bob Levy Is Under Investigation In Deadwood, A.C.?
Contributing Editor
May 15, 2005
Did you ever hear of Deadwood?
For purposes of history, it is a place in the old west of South Dakota in the late 1860's, where rules of incivility and lawlessness were the norm.
Does this sound like anywhere you know of today?
Did you know that Bob Levy, the fledgling Democrat candidate for Mayor in Atlantic City, is under investigation for several alleged and well-documented complaints for violations of Municipal, State and Federal laws?
The majority of our so-called mainstream media elites are attempting to keep a great secret from you, the public.
Now, why do I say this? Perhaps it is because, with the exception of this web site, (HarryHurley.com and The Hurley in the Morning Radio Program), the rest of our 4th Estate has taken a dive on these events.
In Bob Levy's first campaign TV commercial, he utilized Atlantic City tax-payer buildings, equipment, employees and even the sworn uniformed personnel of the city for his own personal/political gain. This is not permitted by law.
A complaint for this misconduct and other charges was filed with the NJ State Office of Integrity in Government. The matter was referred to the Atlantic County Prosecutor, Jeffery Blitz, who's credibility on prosecuting matters of public corruption is unfortunately sorely lacking.
However for Blitz to take a dive on this serious Levy matter, as I am sure he is want to do, he will have to certify and affirm that anyone may use/misuse government property and resources for their own gain.
Can even the great Jeff Blitz pull off this Houdini-like magic? Or, will Blitz merely wait until after June 7th, (the Democrat Primary Election Day), before slapping his team mate, Bob Levy, on the wrist?
Or, will the citizens of Atlantic City rise up and demand that Jeff Blitz do his job this time, unlike just a few years ago, when he allowed Levy's other team mate, Jim Whelan to get away with an obvious hit and run accident, where Whelan left a taxi cab driver he had hit, without even checking to see if the man was injured or not.
Interestingly enough, this act by Whelan occurred on the evening  before his election for Mayor in A.C.. Had things been handled responsibly by the Police and Jeff Blitz, might things have turned out differently for Jim Whelan and the citizens of Atlantic City back then?
You see, in Jeff Blitz's political world, it's ok to smash into a taxi cab at the foot of the Egnor Bridge in Atlantic City, after you claim that you were drinking "O'Dohl's non-alcoholic beer all night. It's ok to hit the cab so hard that you unknowingly leave your city owned license plate at the scene of the crash, as the only reminder that it was you that caused the crash and left the scene in the first place.
Remember, it was actually a reported Hit and Run Crash, until it was later discovered that Whelan was the one who had actually done the "hit and running", and then it was ok. I invite you to check the police records.
In Blitz's world it was ok for Whelan not to have checked on the well-being of the victim cab driver. It was ok for Whelan to have fled the scene of the accident and not report it to the ACPD. You see, Jim Whelan had a hot pizza from Tony's Baltimore Grill to consume, and we all know how irresistibly delicious they are. (In fact, I just had one the other day myself, but I decided to eat in, and not crash into anybody else and run away to enjoy it). 
It was also ok in Blitz's world, for the ACPD to merely return former Mayor Jim Whelan's license plate to him at his home, where Whelan was now enjoying that hot pizza pie. It was also ok to Blitz that the ACPD did not charge Jim Whelan with any motor vehicle or criminal violation at all. As you now see that Pizza, Politics and Non-alcoholic beer trumps all. The Press also thought all of this activity by Whelan was ok, as they worked overtime to cover it up too.
So much for justice and Law and Order in the County of Atlantic, where Jeff Blitz is concerned. But, Levy also has a Federal complaint on file for violations of "The Hatch Act". The Hatch Act prohibits public employees like Bob Levy, who handle and are influenced by Federal Funds from participating in Partisan Political Activity.
It is certainly reasonable to believe that these would include such activities as running for Mayor of Atlantic City, while you are the Director of Emergency Services and the Chief of the Atlantic City Beach Patrol.
Does anyone truly believe that Bob Levy does not handle or has not been influenced by Federal Funds received by himself and the city of Atlantic City for grants and Beach Replenishment Programs, to name just a few?(Hello, Mike Diamond and Derek Peele from The Press, a cursory review of the public records in City Hall will reveal what it is you obviously do not want to know about your mate, Bob Levy).
If Bob Levy is not a covered employee under the provisions of the federal Hatch Act, than scrap the program, because there will never be a person considered covered, ever again.
If you do not believe me, than ask Councilman and former DYFS Worker,Tim Mancuso, who was "Hatched" a few years ago. He now works in another job because his violations of the Act. It must be good to be on "The Team".
Is this the plan for their new hero, Bob Levy? Just hope to get past another election? Trick and cheat your way, and than just get the good 'ole team mate another job on the tax-payer friendly roles, to skirt the law in Deadwood?
If the people demand that government and Law Enforcement do its job; than they will be reluctantly forced to act. Otherwise, we can all just turn a blind eye and permit this current atmosphere of "Deadwood A.C." to continue with mob rule and lawlessness.
Demand for a disposition of these important criminal and Federal matters before you vote on June 7th from your County and Federal authorities. Don't let them play three card monte with you again in Deadwood.
Because, whether a majority of the corrupt media and political players tell you or not, Bob Levy is really under investigation for real and serious charges...... he really is.
It is truly up to you.

     May 15, 2005         HarryHurley.com