Hundreds of Fishy Absentee Ballots Not Approved by County Clerk

300 Absentee Ballots Shot Down
by Clerk's Office in Two Days.

Published Wed. May 18, 2005

With the June Primary only 20 days away, people interested in the outcome of the election contest between Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford and Bob Levy are getting busy, getting absentee ballots. The number of absentee ballots is beginning to sound a little fishy.

As of noon on Monday, May 16 , 1,112 absentee ballot applications had been approved. 100 hundred ballots were not approved for a variety of reasons, according to the clerk's office.

By the end of the day on Tuesday, May 17, that number jumped to 1,528 approved ballot applications (1,184 from Atlantic City) and an astounding 300 ballot applications had been shot down and not approved by the clerk's office.

Past charges of ballot tampering and election rigging have surfaced in Atlantic City. The numbers appears to show that another attempt to rig an Atlantic City election is afoot. Is law enforcement doing anything about these fishy ballots?

     May 18, 2005