Bob Levy Didn't Fight Drug Problems In His Own Department, How Could He Fight Them On The City Streets OF AC?
Contributing Editor
May 18, 2005
Bob Levy is running a series of television campaign commercials, wherein through Philadelphia based spokesmen, he claims he will fight Atlantic City's drug problems right on the streets.
The only problem with this latest Levy stunt is;  Levy has no record of even combating drug problems within his own Department, as Chief of the Beach Patrol.
Once again, reality crashes in with another false Bob Levy claim. The list continues to mount, Bob Levy claimed he was "kicked out of ACHS" for inter-racial dating. We now know this, and Levy was forced to admit that this was not true.
Levy suggests in television ads that he was someone who tried to help the late star athlete from AC Jamar Reynolds. The fact is Levy did not even know or ever have any contact with Reynolds. But that does not stop Levy and his Philadelphia based campaign from using the images of the deceased young man for his own political purposes.
But now, Levy says he is going to fight drug problems himself right on the streets of Atlantic City. Once again, the reality and Levy's real record on dealing with drug problems within his own Department reveal otherwise.
On July 2, 2002, six members of the Atlantic City Beach Patrol under the command of Bob Levy, failed the city Mandatory Drug Testing Policy.
Bob Levy's public remark was as follows:
"I will swear to you that these individuals, (who failed the drug test), are not athletes and will not be representing us out of town".
What Bob Levy meant by this, is that these individuals were OK to protect your children, the citizens and visitors of Atlantic City, but thank goodness they would not be representing us out of town in boat and swimming races. After all, this is the real important stuff to Bob Levy. It must be, because that was his only real concern he had....boat races! So much for the bathing safety of your children.
Why should anyone believe that Bob Levy would be tough on drug problems on the streets of Atlantic City, when he was not even tough with drug problems that occurred directly in his own department?

     May 18, 2005