Why Atlantic City Does Not Need Dan Gallagher, Esq.
Contributing Editor
June 1, 2005
Dan Gallagher is the personal Attorney to Craig Callaway, the Attorney that handles Callaway's political affairs, the Atlantic City Council Solicitor (for now, as you will read later), the Attorney that works for the Atlantic City School Board, and recently named the Attorney of the Atlantic City Housing Authority, with a contract of up to $125,000 for that one position alone.
Talk about political pigs feeding at the trough. How much is enough? Is anything ever too much for these political poachers?
Can one attorney responsibly represent all of these entities at one time? When does a conflict of interest render an attorney impotent to truly serve the interests of the public?
I checked the Lawyers Professional Code of Conduct for the answer and discovered the following:
RPC 1.7 Conflict of Interest: General Rule

(2) in certain cases or situations creating an appearance of impropriety rather than an actual conflict, multiple representation is not permissible, that is, in those situations in which an ordinary knowledgeable citizen acquainted with the facts would conclude that the multiple representation poses substantial risk of disservice to either the public interest or the interest of one of the clients.

Does not one individual serving in all of these interests at one time, present more than just "an appearance of conflict" as the Code of Conflict describes?

This is not to even mention all of the intentional disruption that Gallagher has created for the city government and citizens of Atlantic City, while serving in all of these political positions.

Some of Dan Gallagher's "important" agenda of items that he elected to work on behalf of the citizens are as follows:

1.  For more than a year at an expense of tens of thousands of dollars, Gallagher worked with Craig Callaway for more than one year to attempt to fire the sister of the Mayor. Her only "crime"; was that she is the sister of the Mayor. This was after they were informed that they had no authority over individual employees, that they attempted to fire her any way. This wrongful process became so time consuming and so expensive to the taxpayers of Atlantic City, that Callaway had to orchestrate an increase in legal services funds for Dan Gallagher on October 8, 2004, in order that the political witch hunt could carry on.

2.  Gallagher worked on behalf of the citizens of Atlantic City to attempt to lower Tom Foley's salary as Director Of Emergency Management to one dollar per year. That's less than one dollar per day worked. And if that wasn't enough, Gallagher also worked billable hours to try and eliminate Foley's Health and Medical Benefits, even though he is a proud, disabled Fire Fighter, who's career ended in a serious line of duty injury.

3.  Gallagher worked billable hours to try and reduce the salary of Ron Cash, the Director of Health and Human Services and City Health Officer to one dollar per year. This was in spite of the fact that Cash was one person doing two jobs for the price of one and thus saving the taxpayers money, while giving them better service.

4.  And lastly, just this past week the NJ Supreme Court ruled in a case which mirrors the situation in Atlantic City. The Supreme Court ruled that City Council DOES NOT have the authority or duty to enter into these type of contractual relationships.

It is with good reason that the Supreme Court ruled in this way. Political operatives, such as Dan Gallagher, posing as an attorney with the true interests of the public in mind, only serve to create the type of conflicts we have observed. These are the conflicts that have intentionally created the obstructive atmosphere which has permeated Atlantic City Council for the past several years.

It has been said that no one can serve more than one master. Why or how has Dan Gallagher, Esq been permitted to serve five for so long now? 

These are just a few of the reasons that Atlantic City does not need Dan Gallagher. And while we are at it; this is why Atlantic City does not need Bob Levy, either. Because with Bob Levy you would get people like Dan Gallagher and Craig Callaway who are people that you just don't need.




Writers Note June 22, 2005:  Since this column first ran, Dan Gallagher has taken on a few more "jobs"...he is now also the personal attorney for Bob Sleazy (Levy), and also the attorney for the Bob Sleazy (Levy) Campaign for Mayor of Atlantic City.

His law partner, according to Attorney Frederick Bor and the legal record transcribed in court, attempted to represent Atlantic County directly in a matter that his partner Dan Gallagher was a particpant on one side of the action.

Ethics?? Conflicts?? Anyone?? Hello??

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